Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve prepared a list of questions to help you understand w3tracker a bit more. If you have any questions that are not listed below (or even questions that are listed below), don’t hesitate to contact us.

Why doesn’t w3tracker test ________?

The whole point of w3tracker is to provide in-depth information on web hosting companies. In order to do this, we have to setup an account with each host. Alas, this can become quite expensive. Shared hosting is both the most popular form of web hosting as well as the cheapest (not counting free hosting). In time, we’ll provide other forms of hosting services as our financial limitations change.

Please let us know what type of hosting services you’d like more information on. As we expand, we’ll count on popular demand to determine which services to review.

Why are there no user reviews/ratings on w3tracker?

User reviews are an inaccurate means to rating a company. No matter how many reviews a product has received, a user review is rarely objective and thus should not be used to provide a rating. With that said, websites are always changing and we may open a form of review/comment system in the future that does not affect ratings.

Is w3tracker affiliated with any of the companies listed on this site?

Yes. It’s important for us that you know that we are affiliated with a majority of the companies we list. The web hosting industry is a very competitive and lucrative industry. As such, web hosting companies compete in many forms from advertising to affiliations.

An affiliate program is better than advertising. Essentially, companies get to choose what they pay per sale. If you make $10 for every wallet you sold, would you give $2 dollars away to someone if they could sell wallets for you? It’s a matter of making the connections and creating, what I call, a win-win-win solution. The customer finds a great product, the company who made the product makes another sale, and the advertiser/affiliate collects a small amount: everyone is happy.

Are affiliated web hosting companies given special treatment?

No. All companies go through the same tests for gathering data. Once we have the data, we pass it through an algorithm to provide a precise rating. Further, affiliated hosts and non-affiliated hosts appear the same. Our top priority is to provide a useful tool for our users and thus will never accept money for special treatment.

Why do ratings change from time to time?

Our ratings system is fully dynamic. Every time we add more data to our database, the rating algorithm reads over every host and provides new ratings.

Most users are comfortable with a set rating system. For instance, a video game rating is based on the game’s release date. Over time, the rating never changes. The difference between our ratings and that of a game’s rating is that web hosting companies are always updating with newer technologies. It wouldn’t be fair to give a company a 10 today and have it still be a 10 in 2 years when they do little to maintain their technology.

Does w3tracker re-test hosts? How often?

Yes, in order to ensure our data is up-to-date and accurate, we re-test hosts every 4-6 months. The timeframe is flexible because technology is always changing. We also listen to our users. If we receive emails from users who think our rating is too high or low, we may re-test.

How come there are no ratings less than 5?

Our rating system is between 5 and 10. As companies compete, they tend to offer more data, more bandwidth, etc. At some point, having ‘more’ isn’t really more as users will never use it. It becomes a battle of advertising rather than value. Having 10GB of disk space vs. 50GB of disk space will mean very little to most web hosts as they’ll never use the space. In this case, why should the first company be rated a 1 for offering everything their users need?

I represent a web hosting company, how can we get added to w3tracker?

If you represent a web hosting company and would like to be included on w3tracker, simply send us an email. We’ll generally test your services within 3-4 weeks using an anonymous name.

Where do I report a typo or inaccuracies?

Although we do work hard to prevent typos and inaccuracies, they happen. Simply contact us and let us know what is wrong and we’ll update the site as soon as possible. Thank you for your help!