Our Methods

Our top priority, with w3tracker, is to provide a useful tool to help our users find good web hosting companies. To do this, we must collect data and report it accurately. This page tries to illustrate that we are not like our many competitors. Our ratings are not based off of behind-the-scenes payment, or popular vote.

In our research, users have a few key concerns they must resolve before choosing a host: technical reliability, and customer support. Without a strong technical foundation, a website cannot thrive. Support can greatly improve problem solving and save you and your viewers’ time and money. The perfect hosting company will balance these two requirements excellently.

Before a host is given a rating, we first have to setup an account. Every rating comes from a series of tests that require us to deal with the host directly and see how they handle various scenarios and requirements. If all data requirements are met, the data is stored. If the data requirements are not met, we cannot give the host a rating.

Once we have an account with the host, we upload a generic website and monitor the website’s speed and downtime. Over the course of a few days, we’ll have tested the host over 800 times for speed and reliability.

Our data guru calls each hosting company at specified times to measure how long it takes to get to a live agent. Our support rating is devised from hold times, problem resolution times, email response times, and a documentation rating. It’s important to note that all hosts are tested identically and numerously to ensure an accurate average.

Once we have the host’s data, we submit it to our database and run a rating algorithm against it and all other hosts we’ve previously tested. Our ratings are relative and dynamic. If a company receives a 10 today, their rating may not always be a 10 in the future. It all comes down to how well hosts maintain their services.

By focusing on the data and performing our own research, w3tracker is in a unique position to be a useful tool over that of its competitors. We hope you’ll find this website resourceful. If you have suggestions for us, we’re always happy to read and reply to emails!